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Cocoa – Aliment for Gods

Posts by  Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Hùng in 23 May, 2017

Cocoa – it is called as “Aliment for Gods”. Cocoa has a mysterious flavor, attractive smell and it is covered with a luxurious enchanting brown.

The original of cocoa is Middle East and Mexico. It was found around 3,000 years ago. In Greece, cocoa has a meaning – “Aliment for the Gods”. At the beginning of the twentieth century, cocoa and chocolate drinks became featured cuisine in Europe and around the world.

Cocoa trees are evergreen and woody small and around 4 to 8 meters in height; especially, they can be from 10 to 12 meters when growing up in natural conditions. Their fruits are usually big and changeable. The great benefits of cocoa are shown below:

High nutrition

Many researchers called cocoa powder as new vitamin which has a great influence on the heart and blood circulation. High concentration of phenolic compounds protects the body against insects and pathogens.


Hot cocoa has plentiful antioxidants. Many studies found that cocoa contain most of antioxidants found in green tea, black tea and red wine. However, you should know that drinking hot cocoa is very important.

Many antioxidants are released when cocoa is hot. Antioxidants in hot cocoa bring many benefits to human health. They help to stop the penetration of dangerous cells and diseases, as well as minimize aging process. Drinking hot chocolate can help you to last your longevity.

Rich flavonoids

Cocoa has many flavonoids. It is considered to be good medicines for the body to process nitrous oxide, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and nurture the heart. Flavonoids also help to prevent blood platelets to form blood clots.

Diabetes restriction

Besides, phenolic – catechin absorbed in the body will be consumed gradually to produce insulin regularly and maintain a stable amount of sugar in blood, which is harmless for patients with diabetes.

Mental excitement

The small amount of caffeine in cocoa you drink every day can help you to be active in working, decrease the tiredness for stress, exercising and laboring.

Moreover, when drinking cocoa every day, polyphenols help to improve the concentration of serotonin in the brain and stand out tiredness and depression without causing any side effects for cardiovascular system and nerve system, as well as, addictive substances.

Pleasure increase

Dr. Dora Akaunyili from Pharmaceuticals and Food Management in Nigeria asserts that people drinking hot cocoa daily will have more sexual pleasure for the chocolate amphetamine. It penetrates into the body, transmits the signal to the brain, arouses pleasure center and increases sexual hormones production. If you have any sexual problems a cup of cocoa can help you make a great improvement.

Memory improvement

Daily Mail in England cited findings concluded researchers from Harvard University (the US) that epicatechin in cocoa as a sort of vitamin can bring many benefits for human health

From the researches, people often drinking cocoa rarely have high blood pressure and incidence of cancers and heart diseases more than people seldom drinking cocoa.

Relaxing drink

Hot cocoa is a good victual for men whenever they drink. You can drink cocoa when feeling tired for stress and it will refresh your brain. A cup of hot cocoa also helps you to have a good sleep if you drink it before going to sleep.

Skin improvement

To women over 30, cocoa can help to recover the elasticity skin, fade wrinkles and smoothen the skin. With flavonoid, cocoa can help collagen from not being damaged by environment pollution.

Cocoa and drank chocolate not only slow down the aging process, but also improve the skin to be as smooth as babies’. You will have a real experience if you have a 50 – 70 % of cocoa mask. You can use cocoa for exfoliating with applying any moisture.


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