Vietnam cocoa, worldwide known with its own features, is a superior ingredient from which various kinds of fruitful-and-floral-tasted chocolate are made. By the love of chocolate, as well as, the pride of Vietnam chocolate-prominent taste, we, Canh Nau company, launch the brand named “She Chocolate” with the mission of delivering Vietnam chocolate to customers across the world.

“She” is a simile between chocolate and ladies who are rigid outside but soft-hearted; chocolate is profoundly tasteful as ladies with insightful souls. Both chocolate and ladies are attractive on every occasion in this world. From the standpoint of Canh Nau company, “She Chocolate” also symbolizes for Vietnamese women. Every single bar of chocolate with different tastes will carry diverse traits of Vietnamese women to customers.

Not only do Canh Nau company produce chocolate by familiar recipes, but also we make many efforts to produce chocolate bars with new tastes, so that customers can enjoy various tastes, as well as have fully surprising and interesting experiences.