Chocolate SHE 1 bar


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Hình ảnh chi tiết Chocolate SHE 1 bar được chụp tại SHE Chocolate - Nâng tầm cuộc sống - Phát triển cộng đồng.


– SHE Dark Chocolate 58% Cocoa

– SHE Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa

– SHE Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa

– SHE Dark Chocolate Roasted Rice

– SHE Dark Chocolate Ginger Bits

– SHE Dark Chocolate Roasted Melon Seeds



Product:Chocolate SHE 1 bar
Weight:4 gram
Made in:Vietnam
EXP:Printed on product
Storage:Keep in a dry, clean and cool place,

Temp: 18oC – 22oC (64oF – 72oF)

Humidity under 60%,

Avoid moisture, temperature changes and sunlight exposure.

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