SHE Chocolate is formed from cocoa beans with cocoa-trace standard and grown in Vietnam. Cocoa-Trace is a certification for high quality cocoa beans, sustainable development and easily traceable. Through this cocoa program, farmers are trained and supervised from cultivation to exploitation to ensure high and stable value products without using chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides. Which chemical pesticides.

With the secret of natural incense incubation, undergoing manual fermentation and careful roasting, SHE chocolate is not sweet, bitter, and has a fruity taste and faint scent of Vietnamese heaven and earth. In addition, in order to keep the originality of each incense flavor, by the manual method, the workers create the passionate SHE chocolate bars.

And to show appreciation for the worker's efforts and show special love for chocolate, SHE products are always placed in eye-catching boxes with elaborate, meticulous and luxurious designs. suitable for making gifts for relatives as a respect, emotional sharing.


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