SHE Chocolate is a Vietnamese chocolate brand, always aiming for consumers' health. With the criterion "customers are relatives", each product of SHE always focuses on 3 factors "School - Health - Emotion". Therefore, SHE's products are always appreciated for their quality, which is also the driving force that helps SHE continuously launch quality and innovative products.

It is also the guideline for the birth of the SHE chocolate brand and put on the mission of "Enhancing life, developing community".


SHE not only brings delicious chocolate products but also opens a world of real fruit right in your chocolate.

The special combination of dried fruit and chocolate creates an impressive, different, unique flavor unique to SHE. Sweet chocolate melts on the palate, it's soft and round with a mellow fruity taste. .


No longer the traditional yellow-brown cakes, chocolate mooncakes will bring you a mid-autumn atmosphere with new colors. Not only bringing new colors to the mid-autumn season, but even more special, blowing a new wind during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is "Healthy Mooncake" - a healthy moon cake.

Sugar is only 30%

SHE chocolate mooncakes contain 70% less sugar than traditional mooncakes, safe for health, suitable for heathy eaters, vegetarians, people with mild diabetes can also use the product. Products.

The crust is made from pure chocolate

The cake shell is made from pure chocolate powder according to a unique formula, giving you a rich, passionate taste. Enjoying SHE Chocolate MoonCake you will find a blend of East-West culture, tradition and modernity in 7 flavors representing 7 different flavors.

Handmade and preservative free

Fresh cakes, handmade from slug filling to kneading dough, molded and absolutely no preservatives, so the cake retains its inherent flavor from the freshest ingredients. SHE Chocolate Mooncake is not only a gift of unity and happiness, it is also a gift for health that we give to our loved ones.

Made under the hands of housewives with warm hearts

Each cake is a gift created by meticulous, skillful hands and warm heart, filled with love of Vietnamese housewives. This is the feature that makes the difference for SHE mooncakes.


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