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Chocolate helps to improve your memory ability

Posts by  Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Hùng in 23 May, 2017

Several foods can help you to improve your memory ability and cognitive functions the brain if they are implemented in your daily meal. Apart from vegetables, eggs and fish oil, chocolate is also a sort of victual contributing to the improvement.

Chocolate helps to improve your memory ability

A recent study is published in Daily Mail (England) that drinking hot chocolate every day can improve your memory ability and cardiovascular health.

Researchers from Harvard University conducted an eating observation by thousands of volunteers having troubles of memory ability decrease and they drank hot chocolate in some months.

The findings showed that the memory of most volunteers increased remarkably because of flavonoids in hot chocolate which help to improve blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which make you think and memorize better.

Besides, Daily Mail says that flavonoids in hot chocolate are good for cardiovascular system because they decrease the amount of insulin and cholesterol in the blood, stabilize blood pressure and minimize stoke risks.

Last but not least, drinking a cup of hot chocolate every day can stimulate endorphin hormone production to help you feel happier. Drink chocolate every day to refresh your mind and improve your memory ability as well as your heart health. It is the good advice from specialists from Harvard University.


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