SHE Dark Chocolate 58% Cocoa

In Greece, cocoa has a meaning – “Aliment for the Gods”, it is not exaggerated to call cocoa with the name. Processed cocoa has a mysterious savor, charming smell and it is covered with a luxurious enchanting brown.

With the harvested, dried and fermented cocoa beans, She chocolate evolves simple, pure ladies with the deep and warm inside.

She chocolate 58% cocoa inclines towards sweetness; however, it is balanced by the combination between a bit bitter and a bit sour taste from tropical fruits; that is why she is SHE’s sweetest lady. Every single thing about her is gentle, innocent; she makes us fall in love without doing anything. Anywhere you go, anything you do, how much bittersweet in life you experience, all you need is a date with her, to listen how little and tender she melts with her suavity on your lips. That is enough for you and for your life to get peaceful.

Come to SHE Chocolate 58% cocoa to cosset, feel and explore her secret; to enjoy the emotions and the moments you stay with the forever-unforgettable girl.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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