SHE Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa

Vietnam is not one of leading countries of cocoa production; however, its cocoa quality is ranked among first-rate top as Ghana Ivory Coast and Brazil. For the fertile soil and humid tropical climate, Vietnam is an ideal place for cocoa tree to grow up. It produces qualified cocoa, which attracts high attention from famous cocoa companies around the world.

Taking the creative inspiration of such prime cocoa, She produces She Chocolate 72% cocoa. The chocolate, made from scrumptious cocoa wafting a little sunshine smell from the topical land, spreads out the passionate flavor, which is much newer and more featured than the traditional chocolate one.

Not merely sweet or bitter, a little wild sourness levers SHE Chocolate 72% cocoa outstandingly by the ingenious combination between highlighted sweetness and bitterness.

SHE Chocolate 72% cocoa is a unique girl with the synthesis of appealing personalities. The moment you explore her characters, you are coming in an endless flavor journey in which you cannot stop yourself being surprised and excited.

Come to SHE Chocolate 72% cocoa to cosset, feel and explore her secret; to enjoy the emotions and the moments you stay with the forever-unforgettable girl.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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