SHE Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa

Vietnam is not actually the first thought as the country of cocoa production; however, it asserts its reputation in chocolate market all over the world for high-qualified cocoa with the unique flavor. SHE Chocolate 75% cocoa is made from such tip-top cocoa bean.

SHE Chocolate 75% cocoa carries original bitter taste and keeps the whole essence of Vietnam cocoa. It is the most special woman you have ever met; she is boldly attractive, brave and egotistic. Bitterness is one of her personalities, not so much sweet but so attractive; it seems to be like the way people are addicted to coffee, the more condensed and bitter the coffee is, the more delicious it is. SHE Chocolate 75% cocoa, a woman with the bitterness by being exposed to winds and rain, leaves anyone a lingering impression.

She is a mysterious world. Exploring her is a fresh excitement, a feeling of possession and passion when the bitter taste melts in your mounth.

Come to SHE Chocolate 72% cocoa to cosset, feel and explore her secret; to enjoy the emotions and the moments you stay with the forever-unforgettable girl.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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