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SHE Dark Chocolate Ginger Bits

Posts by  Nguyễn Huỳnh Thanh Hùng in 22 May, 2017

A ginger is the priceless gift from nature; it is well-known to many people, especially, housewives. A ginger is not as hot as a pimento and a pepper. Its taste is a special spicy with bitterness mixing with warmness.

For a long time, Vietnamese people have believed that eating gingers can prevent themselves from many kinds of illness. It not only an essential spice in our life, but also a cure for several diseases, such as cold, travel-sick, dyspepsia, etc.

That is the reason for SHE chocolate to bring SHE Chocolate Ginger Bits to you. The combination of gingers and chocolate is an unexpected but surprising blend. The spiciness and the warmness is a cure stimulating your taste and slight bitterness bolds the rich flavors of chocolate. , which brings you fresh enjoyment about chocolate and the depth of flavors.

Come to SHE to discover and enjoy the mystery of feeling from SHE Chocolate Ginger Bits.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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