SHE Dark Chocolate Roasted Melon Seeds

There are no cuisine findings for the appearance of melon seeds on the Tet jam cake tray in Vietnam. It is forgotten the original of melon seeds, but Vietnamese people consider them to be essential and familiar parts in their Tet holiday.

Today, most of Tet jam cake trays have a center circle space for melon seeds, surrounded with varied sorts of cakes and jam. For the lucky red and the crispy sound blending in the stories, melon seeds seem to make reunions more prolonged. Melon seeds can hold guests sit back with the host, every story can be more prolonged.

Understanding thoroughly it, SHE brings the Tet’s beauty to fragrant, meaty and delicious She Chocolate Roasted Melon Seeds bars, which arouse human appetite.

Producing Chocolate Roasted Melon Seeds bars, SHE not only introduces international people Vietnam traditional culture, but also brings happiness when enjoying crunchy melon seeds inside the chocolate.

“Close your eyes, drop your soul to drift and bob to the New Year’s Eve, you will see yellow blooming apricot, families clustering round Tet jam and cakes tray, and crispy sound of melon seeds in side chocolate and laughs”.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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