SHE Dark Chocolate Roasted Rice

Vietnam is famous for the over-4000- year wet rice civilization. For the development of national history, the image of wet rice is so familiar to Vietnamese people. The beauty of immense paddy fields is the inspiration for many poems and literatures and it becomes Vietnam symbol. It is the ethereal embodiment of simplicity, sincerity, modesty and honorable heart.

Immense paddy fields brings to us delicious rice grains and SHE Chocolate Roasted Rice, which is a special gift for patriots and people loving Vietnamese human. With stocky and delicious grains, SHE expands a reckless idea; it is the production of chocolate with the fillings of rice.

To produce a SHE Chocolate Roasted Rice bar, there is much meticulousness, and diligence. Rice is roasted regularly and softly with bamboo chopsticks and medium-hot coal fire to keep completely the grain shape. Rice, roasted with enough aroma and crisp, is the unique filling of She Chocolate.

It can be said that SHE Chocolate Roasted Rice is a meaningful from paddy fields and delicious rice grains. Chocolate Roasted Rice is made by hard-working and skilled chocolatiers. It is the unique variation and completely fresh, but it still keeps Vietnamese style taste.

Come to SHE to discover and enjoy the mystery of feeling from SHE Chocolate Roasted Rice.

“Once meet – Forever remember”

SHE Chocolate

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