A raw chocolate bar or a pure polar chocolate chip.
100ml of fresh milk cream.
40 grams of peanut butter is used to make cakes.
1 box of pure type 1 chocolate SHE powder for use as a coating.
1 mold making Chocolate.
1 plastic roll to roll food.


– Thin and really thin raw chocolate in the form of fiber (For chocolate chip, there is no need.

– Need to diagnose a small pot, add a moderate amount of water about 50 ml to 100 ml and boil at 100 degrees Celsius.

– Use a large bowl with a bigger circumference than the pot front. You put on the face and start to remove fresh cream or Wishpping cream. Use the phlegm to beat the eggs in a steady and gentle manner.

– Continue to thin the chocolate in step 1 and continue to stir, so slowly and gently stir it, in the same direction, regularly so that all the mixes can blend harmoniously, without clumping .

– Add the peanut butter (chesse) and continue to make the mixture smooth and smooth (cut the butter or cut the avocado into pomegranate seeds before giving it).

– You can give a scent you like, be it vanilla, melon mesh, banana, champagne, hennensy, wishky on and off the stove right away. (You just need to give about 1 teaspoon is okay). Keep gently stirring for about 3 minutes to gradually cool down the mixture.

– Chocolate pouring mold should be lined with a plastic layer. Use a cocoa powder to lightly cover a layer of the bottom of the box and pour the mixture in and use a light scoop to beat the uneven surface or a better way, using a horizontal chopstick to pull a line from left to right and tell make the surface smooth.

– You use plastic layer to push the air out of the mold and the end is to compress the smooth chocolate facade. This is an important step in how to make Japanese chocolate chocolate, so please wrap it well.

– Put the mixture in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. Cool fridge is after 1 night. After the chocolate has coagulated, you can remove the chocolate from the mold easily and remove the plastic and place it on a clean cutting board covered with a thin layer of cocoa powder.

– You use a positioning knife or mark the size of fresh chocolate then cut the edges and apply a thick layer of cocoa powder outside each member.





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