Chocolate Durian Tiramisu 60g – Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh

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Net weight: Paper box 60g/ Zip bag 300g

Expiration: 6 months

STORAGE: In a cool, dry place, avoid places with high temperatures and direct sunlight shining on the product.

Instructions for use: Eat directly after opening the packaging. It tastes better when you put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before using.

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Chocolate Durian Tiramisu 60g – Ha Long Bay Quang Ninh is the result of the perfect combination of separate and chocolate from the Trinitario variety grown in Southern Vietnam, with a rich, aromatic flavor.

Southern Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate, with year-round temperatures ranging from 24oC ~ 30oC, this is the ideal condition for specific tree varieties to produce nutritious fruits.

With the desire to be a bridge connecting Vietnam with international friends, bringing to the world a view of a new image of Vietnam, of a beautiful Vietnam…SHE Chocolate has continuously contributed to the development of the country through the production of exclusive chocolate products. SHE Chocolate’s chocolate products are not simply a dish but also a product of art, telling about the journey of chocolate being “introduced” to Vietnam, about a creative and new journey in culinary world.. Create opportunities for your country to discover unique and interesting flavors, at the same time be a supporter of local products and preserve traditional aromas.

Let’s follow SHE’s chocolate journey to know what your next destination is!

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