Coconut Powder Chocolate 150g

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Chocolate coconut powder (150 g) is a tasty and nutritious beverage that everyone will enjoy.

Coco Choco is produced from pure chocolate coupled with coconut milk powder to give a faint bitter taste and a fatty taste that are incredibly appealing and unforgettable.

Using Coco Choco powder can help provide many necessary vitamins and minerals to the diet.

Some benefits of chocolate with coconut powder:

  • Coco Choco: high in nutrients, rich in traditional flavors, and convenient.
  • Protein for anti-aging support and quick energy replenishment
  • Ideal for use at home, on business, on travel, or as a gift.

Socola bột dừa 150g – Ice Coco powder ChocolateCoconut Powder Chocolate 150g


Chocolate powder 38.5%, coconut milk mixture 58% (coconut milk, maltose sugar, sodium caseinate), non-dairy creamer powder, emulsifier Soya lecithin (E322), stabilizer (466), natural coconut flavor natural and synthetic.

Năng lượng kcal/100g 380 – 447
Năng lượng tính từ béo kcal/100g 117- 138
Protein % 5.4 – 6.3
Béo % 13 – 15.3
Carbohydrates % 60.4 – 71.1
Đường tổng % 43.7 – 51.4
Độ ẩm % 2.14 – 2.52
Natri mg/kg 564 – 663
Cholesterol mg/100g 0
Melanin mg/kg không phát hiện


Socola bột dừa 150g – Ice Coco powder ChocolateCoconut Powder Chocolate 150g

Expiry date: 6 months from the date of manufacture.

Manufacture date: check the product packaging.

Mixing instructions: Combine 1 packet of chocolate coconut powder with 70ml of warm water. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved, then serve.

Storage: Keep in an area that is dry and free of strong scents. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight.


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