Ice Coco Powder Chocolate 500g

6 out of 5


Coco Choco Coconut Powder Chocolate is a unique combination of original chocolate powder and natural coconut powder to create a perfect drink.

Vietnam cocoa bean cold chocolate powder is considered the greatest quality in Asia – Pacific coupled with coconut powder, a traditional South Vietnamese fruit known for its refreshing nature.

The ingredients in chocolate are from natural sources and have a high nutritional value. Fast-acting energy for a full day of work. Furthermore, chocolate helps to relieve stress, prevent cardiovascular disease, assist the digestive system, and improve memory.

Using Coco Choco powder will assist you add extra protein and minerals to your diet, which will boost anti-aging. Chocolate powder coconut help you replenish energy rapidly. Furthermore, chocolate includes theobromine, which helps you stay awake and focused longer than caffeine.

Chocolate contains a lot of protein, which helps you feel relaxed and prevents aging. Coco Choco is committed to containing no preservatives and is created entirely of natural ingredients.

Especially excellent for busy people who don’t have time to make their own drinks.

Net weight: 500g for each

Manufacture date: see product package.

Expiry date: 6 months from the date of manufacture. Use it immediately after opening the packet.

Mixing steps: Combine 60ml of warm water with 30g of chocolate-covered coconut powder. Stir the mixture until it is completely dissolved, then serve.

Storage: Keep items in a cool, dry location. Keep the product out of direct sunlight.


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