Fruit dipped in chocolate with 4 flavors (500 g)—SHE Chocolate

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Fruit dipped in chocolate with 4 flavors (500 g)—SHE Chocolate

To maintain the highest level of freshness, four different types of fruits (orange, kiwi, mango, and kumquat) are dried using advanced technology. The taste and aroma of each fruit, combined with the rich flavor of chocolate, will provide you with a whole new sensory experience.

Socola nhúng trái cây thập câm 4 vị 500g - SHE ChocolateFruit mixed dipped in chocolate with 4 flavors (500 g)—SHE Chocolate

Dark chocolate and four tropical fruits mix to create new and distinctive sensations.

WEIGHT: 500g

Expiry date: 6 months

Preserve it in a dry, cool place. Avoid high-temperature areas and direct sunlight on the product.

Directions for use: Eat immediately after opening the box. The best results come from 10 minutes in the fridge before using.

SHE home chocolate-dipped fruit is a delicious snack that is high in fiber and vitamins.

As a present or while sipping a cup of tea, you will feel cozy and relaxed.

Additionally, both chocolate and dried fruit are incredibly healthful meals that can help you relax and add vitamins and fiber to your diet.

By eating fruit that has been covered in chocolate, you are giving your body additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

This is also a food that helps you fast recharge. It also relieves weariness during extended working hours.

Made in Vietnam

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