Fruit Chocolate 50g

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With the criteria geared toward your own and your beloved people’s health. Chocolate THANK YOU in order to assist in delivering energy, nutrition, and nutrients to boost health, chocolate is produced with premium SHE chocolate ingredients in combination with dried nuts and natural dried fruits.

Salted White Chocolate (chestnut, dragon fruit, and cherry)

Recommended for those who are sensitive to cocoa and its caffeine level.

Green Tea Chocolate (Almond, Grape, Cherry)

A blend of white chocolate and premium green tea powder from Japan gives the cool taste of green tea combined with the flavor of chocolate and nuts. Perfect for matchaholics.

Chocolate 54% (Mango, Cashew, Grape)

Although it is dark chocolate, it has an aromatic and slightly sweet flavor that many people love.

Chocolate 75% (Kiwi, Cashew, Almond)

Taste 75% has an almost authentic bitterness paired with the fragrant kiwi jam and the crispy fatty taste of cashews and almonds, bringing it closer to the pure bitter taste of chocolate. Ideal for people who enjoy bitter chocolate and whose diets need them to avoid sugar.

Chocolate Thank YOU – Health gift instead of THANK YOU!


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