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Glorious spring gift set

The gift set “Glorious Spring” is a celebration of the coming of spring and is inspired by the little things that make life wonderful. To spread the message to always be happy since there are still many vibrant and beautiful colors around, the gift set with two hues, turquoise and red, was created.

The Tet gift package “Glorious Spring” was also the brainchild of SHE Chocolate. It sends everyone the gift of health provided by nature, which has worth in the form of love.

qua-tet-2023The gift set “Glorious Spring” is motivated by life’s little pleasures, which together paint a lovely picture of the upcoming New Year and the arrival of Spring.

Wonderful spring for the year of water cat

SHE Chocolate wishes you a joyful new year filled with a good fortune with your family and loved ones as we enter the new year.

The red motif represents luck and fortune, while the blue design represents the immense expanse of the sky. The gift set creates a new scene, a new sky, brings hope, and faith to go far, soars in dreams, and completes goals and plans for the new year.

qua-tet-2023A glorious spring filled with blue provides optimism and faith to reach out, fly high in dreams, and to achieve goals and ambitions in the new year.

“Glorious Spring” gift set 2023 includes the following items:

  • 1 box of mango-dipped chocolate (120g)
  • 1 box of kiwi-dipped chocolate (120g)
  • 1 jar of chocolate SHE peanuts (40g)
  • 1 jar of cold cocochoco (60g)
  • 1 set of 5 red packets
  • 1 handbag

qua-tet-2023Glorious Spring, the red color represents luck and fortune.

Modern dried fruit coated in chocolate

This New Year will be different from previous years when gifts and beverages were prioritized. SHE Chocolate uses four different types of fruits, all of which have rich flavors from their local area. When paired with Vietnamese chocolate, Hoa Loc mango, orange, kumquat, kiwi, lotus seed, and peanut appear to take on an entirely new level of flavor.

qua-tet-2023Modern dried fruit coated in chocolate

The excellence of Vietnamese chocolate does not end there. Vietnamese cocoa beans are used to make chocolate, which has the second-highest nutritional value in the Asia-Pacific area and is consistently improving to maintain its position. As a result, the gift of chocolate on Tet holiday is now both a luxury gift and a lipstick mark, designating the Vietnamese people who are gradually soaring higher and flying further.

SHE Chocolate – A gift of health and love

SHE Chocolate features an image of a girl who is continuously creating, putting forth the effort, and attempting to produce gifts that bring Vietnamese soul and Vietnamese excellence everywhere. Since the girl “SHE” will always use these presents as a guide for her actions on the road ahead, they are manufactured without preservatives and are healthy.

SHE Chocolate sends you best wishes for a happy, prosperous, and peaceful new year.


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