Green Beans Chocolate Mooncake

4 out of 5


Does salted egg green bean mooncake make anyone fall in love?

It’s so delicious, what kind of cake is that? That is SHE Chocolate House’s salted egg green bean cake!

The new “moon season” is quickly approaching! The wonderfully aromatic green bean mooncake with salty salted egg filling from SHE Chocolate is a must-have this holiday season!

Enjoy mooncakes filled with green beans and smell the fresh scent of green beans. Taste a little, and you’ll see how flexible and soft the cake is. The stuffing is the distinctive green color of green beans and is delicious and meaty. After eating the cake, you can still taste the sweet green bean flavor on the tip of your tongue, which is incredibly refreshing in the autumn.

Exclusively available at SHE:

  • SHE chocolate mooncakes contain 70% less sugar than traditional mooncakes, are safe for health, and are appropriate for health-conscious diners, vegetarians, and individuals with moderate diabetes.
  • The mooncake shell is prepared with original chocolate powder using a special method, providing a rich, passionate taste.
  • Each cake is a gift made by the loving hands and warm hearts of Vietnamese housewives. This is the property that differentiates SHE mooncakes.
  • SHE mooncakes are preservative-free, ensuring that 100% fresh cakes are consumed within 7 days.

A romantic date with a loved one or a family reunion is definitely required for the time spent sharing a piece of moon cake while watching the moon and drinking tea.

Each cake, each quintessence of heaven and earth, combines, permeates, and has a lasting aftertaste. Like priceless items that will be preserved forever.

?The key is that the cake will be even more wonderful when shared with your loved ones!

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