Longan And Lotus Seed Chocolate Mooncake

7 out of 5


A mooncake filled with lotus seeds, longan, and salted eggs captures the spirit of Vietnam.

Mooncakes filled with lotus seeds, longan, and salted eggs have a harmonic balance between the sweet scent of lotus and the meat of salted eggs, providing an intoxicating taste for everyone to enjoy.

Delicious and eye-catching both on the outside and inside of the cake, adding a “novelty” aspect. The distinctive feature of the cake is created by the brown crust and longan lotus seed kernel.


Exclusively available at SHE:

  • SHE chocolate mooncakes contain 70% less sugar than traditional mooncakes, are safe for health, and are appropriate for health-conscious diners, vegetarians, and individuals with moderate diabetes.
  • The mooncake shell is prepared with original chocolate powder using a special method, providing a rich, passionate taste.
  • Each cake is a gift made by the loving hands and warm hearts of Vietnamese housewives. This is the property that differentiates SHE mooncakes.
  • SHE mooncakes are preservative-free, ensuring that 100% fresh cakes are consumed within 7 days.

A romantic date with a loved one or a family reunion is definitely required for the time spent sharing a piece of moon cake while watching the moon and drinking tea.

Each cake, each quintessence of heaven and earth, combines, permeates, and has a lasting aftertaste. Like priceless items that will be preserved forever.

?The key is that the cake will be even more wonderful when shared with your loved ones!


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