Chocolate Macadamia Dragee- 50g bag – SHE Chocolate

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Macadamia Tiramisu Chocolate – Bag 50g – SHE Chocolate

Sô cô la Macca Tiramisu Túi 50gMacadamia Tiramisu Chocolate – 50g


– The original powdered chocolate layer is topped with BLACK CHOCOLATE and toasted cashews.

Sô cô la Macca Tiramisu Túi 50gMacadamia Tiramisu Chocolate – 50g

It is certainly a product that has recently gained popularity among gourmet chocolate enthusiasts.

Sô cô la Macca Tiramisu Túi 50gMacadamia Tiramisu Chocolate – 50g

– CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA TIRAMISU is created from pure dark chocolate and high-quality roasted and peeled Macadamia, offering a sweet, fatty, melt-in-your-mouth taste that is acceptable for many people, including middle-aged consumers and elderly pregnant mothers.

– This chocolate is excellent for stress alleviation, weight loss, vitamin supplementation, and heart health.

– Especially with amazing and exquisitely designed packaging, this CHOCOLATE may be used as a present for a birthday, wedding, etc., which is extremely meaningful.

When utilized, MACADAMIA TIRAMISU chocolate is wrapped in compact, convenient packets that are easy to carry when traveling or giving as a gift.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, macadamia, and chocolate powder (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, and emulsifier soy lecithin (E322)).

Net weight: 50 g

Storage: Keep it dry, clean, and cool, away from strong scents. Avoid extremes in humidity, temperature, and sunshine.

Directions for use: Eat immediately after opening the box. If not consumed, firmly cover.

Chocolate products can be eaten immediately after purchase, but as a pure chocolate product, it is easily impacted by high temperatures in the environment during transit, resulting in the original structure being lost.

This phenomenon is understood with all the real chocolate lines and pure chocolate on the market, YOU WILL USE THE BEST CHOCOLATE WHEN you place it in the fridge for around 15 minutes.

– Brand: SHE chocolate

– Made in Vietnam

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