Orange dipped chocolate 50g – SHE Chocolate

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Orange dipped Chocolate 50g

Orange dipped chocolate 50g – SHE Chocolate

The orange pieces are dried using modern technology to retain the maximum freshness of the fruit. The sweet, slightly sour taste mixed with the rich flavor of chocolate will give you a new experience of taste.

Cam nhúng sô cô la 50g
Orange dipped chocolate 50g 

WEIGHT: 100g

Expiry date: 6 months

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place, avoid high temperature and avoid direct sunlight on the product.

Usage instructions: Eat directly after opening the package. Best when put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes before using.

Chocolate Orange 50g – the ideal gift to enjoy with your loved one at home, from the sweet, fragrant chocolate layer mixed with rich, flexible, fragrant dried fruits, creating a unique character. unique that only at SHE!


Cam nhúng sô cô la
Orange dipped chocolate 50g

Choosing SHE house chocolate dipped fruit is a great snack.

Making a gift or sipping with a cup of tea will help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Besides, dried oranges and chocolate are both very healthy foods such as stress relief, vitamin and fiber supplements.

Enjoying a piece of orange dipped in chocolate is that you are providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins for the body.

This is also a snack that helps you recharge quickly. Besides, it also reduces the feeling of fatigue during long working hours.

Made in Viet Nam

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