Panned peanuts SHE chocolate 50g

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Panned peanuts SHE chocolate 50g

Sô cô la viên đậu phộng
Panned peanut SHE chocolate 50g


Large, round peanuts. Peanuts after vacuum roasting are bright yellow, with a light sweetness, fleshy, aromatic and special crispness. Combined with SHE dark chocolate, chocolate melts in the mouth with the crunchy sound of peanuts.

Chocolate Peanuts are packaged in handy foil, convenient to carry when traveling or as a gift.

Ingredients: Peanuts and dark chocolate.

Net weight: 50g

Expiry date: 6 months Storage: In a dry, clean, cool place, without strange odors. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Usage instructions: Eat directly after opening the package. If you do not use all of it, please close the lid and keep it in the refrigerator.

Chocolate products when purchased can be eaten immediately, however, as a pure chocolate product, during transportation, it is easily affected by high temperature of the environment, resulting in not keeping the original structure intact.


Sô cô la viên đậu phộng
Sô cô la viên đậu phộng


This phenomenon is understandable with all the real chocolate lines, pure chocolate on the market, YOU WILL USE THE BEST SOCOLA WHEN you put them in the Fridge Fridge for about 15 minutes.


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