Premium Phu Quy Tet (with alcohol)

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Premium Wealthy Tet gift with alcohol

The “Premium Wealthy Tet” gift package is inspired by journeys. Everybody’s trip is unique, just like ours, and we have learned new things and succeeded along the way. This is why there is a piece of the world map above the gift set.

A fresh journey starts once a year when the Spring Festival arrives. Journey into the future; success awaits. Furthermore, the gift set conveys a particular nostalgic scent due to its unique leather-based construction.

qua-tet-2023SHE Chocolate wishes the owner of the premium Phu Quy Tet set a prosperous and happy new year.

Premium Wealthy Tet – Year of Water Cat

Elegant blue color: blue tone with a well-thought-out design with world map motifs as a feature, oozing the ancient and uniqueness of the “Premium Wealthy Tet” gift set. Blue is a lucky color that represents the element of water. This is a wish from SHE Chocolate for the person who receives the gift set to have a prosperous and happy new year.

The gift set includes a bottle of Chilean RAP wine with the purpose of connecting people. Wine is not only a delicate and wonderful present, but it also shows common sense and a desire to strengthen the relationship.


The “Premium Wealthy Tet” gift package includes:

  • 1 bottle RAP Chilean wine
  • 1 box of chocolate-dipped mango (120g)
  • 1 box of Kiwi dipped chocolate (120g)
  • 1 jar Chocolate SHE lotus seed capsule (90g)
  • 1 high-quality leather box
  • 1 set of 5 red packets

Modern chocolate-dipped dried fruit

This New Year will be different from previous years, when gifts and beverages were prioritized. All four of the fruit varieties used by SHE Chocolate are tropical fruits with pronounced regional characteristics. Hoa Loc mango, yellow orange, kumquat, kiwi, lotus seed, and peanut seem to be sporting a new layer of flavor when combined with Vietnamese chocolate.

The quality of Vietnamese chocolate does not end there. Vietnamese cocoa beans are used to make chocolate, which has the second-highest nutritional value in the Asia-Pacific area and is consistently improving to maintain its position. As a result, the gift of chocolate on Tet holiday is now both a luxury gift and a lipstick mark, designating the Vietnamese people who are gradually soaring higher and flying further.

SHE Chocolate – A gift of health and love

SHE Chocolate with the image of a girl who is continually innovating, making efforts, and attempting to produce gifts that transmit Vietnamese soul and Vietnamese excellence everywhere. Because handmade, preservative-free, health-friendly presents are always a guide for the girl “SHE” on the path ahead.

SHE Chocolate sends its best wishes for a prosperous and fortunate New Year of the Rabbit, which heralds many “wealthy” accomplishments in the coming year.


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