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Jade green Vietnamese New Year gift set

“Vietnamese New Year” is just two words that express a whole cultural beauty, both the depth of our history and our traditions. The gift set “Vietnamese New Year” was born with a heroic name and put on the image of a dear S-shaped country, a picture of a passionate and artistic labor.

The Vietnamese Tet gift set 2023 is not only a panoramic picture of the country, the beloved sea and islands, but also depicts the hard work and diligence of the workers. All the beauties of nature – people are merged into one. Welcoming 2023 with 2 different colors, “Vietnamese New Year cobalt blue” and “Vietnamese New Year jade” promise to be two meaningful and good wishes for the new year.

Vietnamese Lunar cat year 

Coming to the gift set “Tet green jade” is the image symbolizing the clear and warm spring sky. Under that sky, everyone is working together, together building a new future for themselves, for their loved ones, for the motherland of Vietnam. This is also a vivid picture of Vietnam’s cocoa tree – recognized for its quality and nutritional value among the top in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the cocoa that is inside the gift set with a new combination.

Inside the “Tet Viet jade green” gift set includes:

  • 1 box of 16 chocolate bars
  • 1 box Chocolate dipped mango 120g
  • 1 box Chocolate dipped kiwi 120g
  • 1 jar of cold Cocochoco 60g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate Ginger 60g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate SHE peanuts 40g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate SHE lotus seed capsule 40g
  • 1 set of 5 red packets
  • 1 handbag


Modern chocolate dipped dried fruit

This New Year will be different from the old New Year when gifts and drinks have been given more attention. The 4 types of fruits used by SHE Chocolate are all tropical fruits with rich flavors of their homeland. Hoa Loc sand mango, yellow orange, kumquat, kiwi, lotus seed, peanut seem to be wearing a new layer of flavor when combined with Vietnamese chocolate.

Dipped fruit jams, SHE chocolate balls are guaranteed for their nutritional value, natural value when the products are all preservative-free and completely handmade. For the same reason, the gift set. “Vietnamese New Year” presents a luxurious and warm beauty, and a harmonious image of a beautiful labor picture between man and nature.

SHE Chocolate wishes to send everyone good wishes, luck and success for a smooth 2023.






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