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The Lac Viet bird wings have long been associated with Vietnamese people. The “Tet Viet VI” gift set from SHE Chocolate features an exact replica of that bird’s wings for the Lunar New Year.

The highlight of the red brow tone will be the most unique aspect of the gift package. The S-shaped area of land is where the Lac birds eventually congregated after fluttering all around the red box. The gift box not only transmits the breath of the Vietnamese people, but it also contains healthy food created by skilled hands.

Tet Viet VI – Year of the Rabit Cat

Red is not only the color of fortune but also of success and power. SHE Chocolate wishes to send a message of luck through its powerful red color, urging the owner to always be determined and solid in pursuit of the goals set out in the new year.

SHE Chocolate, proud of its heritage and eager to spread love, strives to incorporate Vietnamese personality and excellence into each product. The gift package “Tet Viet VI” is not only popular for its refinement, but it also provides consumers with health benefits.

The Tet Viet VI gift package includes:

  • 1 box of mango-dipped chocolate 120g
  • 1 box of Kiwi-dipped chocolate 120g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate SHE lotus seed capsule 40g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate SHE peanuts 40g
  • 1 jar of Chocolate Ginger 60g
  • 1 jar of cold Cocochoco 60g
  • 1 New Year’s greetings
  • 1 set of 5 red packets
  • 1 handbag

Modern chocolate-dipped dried fruit

This New Year will be different from previous years in that the presents and drinks utilized in Tet will be more focused. A lot of people enjoy eating meals that are as natural as possible. Customers’ health is important to SHE Chocolate; hence, SHE’s product lines avoid using preservatives.

When paired with Vietnamese chocolate, well-known fruits such as Hoa Loc mango, yellow orange, kumquat, kiwi, lotus seed, and peanut appear to take on a new layer of flavor. The high quality of Vietnamese chocolate does not stop there. Chocolate manufactured from Vietnamese cocoa beans has the highest nutritional value and ranks second in the Asia-Pacific area.

As a result, giving chocolate on Tet is now both a luxury gift and a lipstick mark identifying Vietnamese people who are gradually going higher and flying further.

“Tet Viet VI” is SHE Chocolate’s sincere greeting for the Lunar New Year season.

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