Mrs. Truong Thi Thanh Thuy, a Binh Duong native who was initially a Chemical engineer trained at the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City, quickly achieved success on her career path through her own efforts. She became the director of two companies at the age of less than 27, the businesses were highly convenient and constantly developing. In the early 2010s, as Vietnam became one of the countries with the highest rates of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in the world, the residues of pesticides were always high, the toxic harm was impregnated with food according to each family’s meal, and Mrs. Thuy felt she had a responsibility to do something to protect the health of those next to her and also those living on the Vietnamese homeland. She decided to put her first two brainchildren, the insulation firm and the entertainment company Escape Room Vietnam, on hold for the time being in order to focus on the food market.

                                   Mrs. Truong Thi Thanh Thuy_CEO SHE Chocolate

When friends and partners kept giving her imported chocolate bars, she realized that she had been destined to love chocolate. As someone who dislikes chocolate, she was astonished to learn that it has a high nutritional value. And God appears to be on her side when she realizes that her own country, Vietnam, has developed Trinitario chocolate varieties considered the best in the world. Since then, she has embarked on a new route with the aim of producing premium Vietnamese chocolate bars that promote consumer wellness.

At the time she began, the chocolate business in Vietnam was weak, with few people capable of producing high-quality chocolate goods. Mrs. Thuy has experimented with and learned about chocolate, the manufacturing process, and technology from the ground up, using research skills acquired at the University of Science. She goes back and forth from south to north, from country to country, in search of the key to producing the highest-quality chocolate bars. She is lucky to have the devoted instruction of many experts in the chocolate industry, both Vietnamese and Belgian, as a result of her sincerity, curiosity, and enthusiasm to learn.

                                                          SHE Chocolate MoonCake

After two long years, she finally found a recipe for herself. Special chocolate bars that are nutritious, low in sugar, and made from cocoa beans grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers were created. She was overjoyed when everyone who tried it said it was very tasty, much better than the chocolate products available on the Vietnamese market at the time; even with a low-sugar recipe and a unique fermentation secret, her chocolate is praised by many foreign customers as being of higher quality than chocolate products from the US, Malaysia, and other countries that they used to enjoy.

However, challenges kept coming because, at the time, Vietnamese people lacked knowledge of chocolate’s health benefits and habits. People rejected the product because they believed that her chocolate was pricey and difficult to flow, in contrast to the chocolates that were currently on the market. She still hopes to persuade Vietnamese consumers to discover more about chocolate through persistence and the refusal to accept the idea of giving up.

For two years, she drove each box of chocolates to each business herself, but they were refused, and her amassed funds were gradually depleted. She was obliged to decide to close the office in Ho Chi Minh City as a result of that circumstance. It was at this point that she most clearly felt her failure and helplessness as she was forced to consent to her partners, who had always been by her side leaving. She said goodbye to her friends and coworkers and returned to Binh Duong to resume her solitary chocolate search.

On that lonely journey, she always thought about the incentive to start persevering in efforts, and the SHE Chocolate brand was established, shouldering the mission of  “Enhancing life, developing community” in that way.

Suddenly, she recognized that instead of knocking on every door on every Vietnamese street, proactively addressing foreign customers would help SHE get a stronger foothold in the market. Foreigners already use chocolate regularly, and they always give SHE’s goods excellent marks for quality. SHE is constantly launching quality and unique products, most notably the SHE chocolate mooncake line, Coco Choco coconut milk chocolate line, chocolate-dipped fruit, chocolate wrapped with Vietnamese speciality nuts such as cashew nuts, macca,… These items are making their way to more nations around the world on a daily basis, introducing worldwide friends to the fact that “in Vietnam, there are chocolate products with world-class flavors and very good taste that are beneficial to health”. Mrs. Thuy was honored in 2018 with the title of “Creative Young Entrepreneur” by the Committee of the Vietnam Youth Union – Binh Duong Province.

In addition to continually keeping in mind the mission of “Enhancing life, developing the community,” SHE also always carries two priceless responsibilities on her shoulders: appreciation and love for family, community, and society. Each SHE product sold on the market has a piece donated to cocoa growers, and the other half is used as a budget to offer scholarships to disadvantaged children, visit lonely elderly people, continue health care centers for disadvantaged children, and so on.

SHE Chocolate understands that it will be impossible to achieve it alone, and she is always eager to welcome teammates to “complete the picture” of disseminating health ideals to the community, both the international community in general and Vietnam in particular.

Let’s spread the smiles of reunion, happiness, and health with SHE chocolate to preserve life’s precious moments!

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